Welcome to Our Templates Support! 

Here we will show you how to use and edit our templates. Please follow the instructions below or head over to our Bonus Tutorials.

Do This First

Depending on the template you have purchased, make sure you have Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop installed on your Windows /Mac computer. If you did not have the right program installed yet, please do so. Free trial links can be found on the right sidebar.

Make sure you download all the required fonts for your specific template to your Windows/Mac computer. The fonts listed in the sidebar (right) are Google Open Font License and are free to use for commercial use. To download:

  1. Click on a font (any font on your right)
  2. Click on “Download Family” (top right) to download your fonts.
  3.  Install your fonts. Click here if you do not know how to do this.

InDesign Template:

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Open Your Template or File


Go to your templates folder. Choose your preferred size. Double-click your file and it will open automatically in your InDesign software.

If you have an older version of InDesign, click here for best practices.






Step 2: Save your File

 When you open an InDesign template, it will open as a new document/file – “Untitled”. 

So go ahead and save your file.

File > Save As… > Your file name







Step 3: Make changes/ modify your file


Change or edit 2-3 elements of your file to create special, unique designs.









Step 4: Save Your Finished Artwork


Remember to save your masterpiece.

File > Save As… > Your file name










Step 5: Export your file

You can export your file into many different formats. But here’s what to do if you want to export your finished artwork as a PDF:

File > Export… > Adobe PDF (Interactive) > Your file name > Export