Best Practices

Best Practices


For those who own an older version of InDesign, please read below:

In your folder “Adobe CS4 or later” has the .idml files. These files are not InDesign Templates.

Please convert your .idml files into templates first before you begin editing your files. This is good practice so you do not touch your original files.

It is VERY easy to do.

  1. Just open your InDesign (.idml) file in your version of InDesign.
  2. Click on File > Save as… > Format: Choose your InDesign version template (.indt)
  3. Click Save

That’s it.

To know if you’ve succeeded, go to your saved template, double-click on the template and it will
open as an “Untitled” document.

If you have any problems concerning your files, please contact me so I can help you out. Thanks!